Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The State of Modern "Science"

In my 56 year lifetime, I have seen science go from the pursuit of truth and fact, from the brave view into the unknown to a politicized drive for greater funding.  Not unlike the religions of 600 years ago, the scientific political elite have determined what is fact and what is not based on political demands and the ability to get funding.  As government becomes larger and more powerful, the ability to skew "science" to fit the political agenda has become much greater.  Many scientists are no longer independent, but willing to sell their research to the highest bidder.  Special interests have arisen over the last 50 years to drive an agenda based on politics, not true science.

The Scientific Method asks a question, forms a hypothesis, performs experiments to test the hypothesis, makes conclusion and communicates results.  Once the results are communicated, others have the ability to check and recheck, challenge and support or disprove the hypothesis.  Or at least that was how is used to be.  Now, "The debate is over", "The science is settled".  Results are checked by those residing in the echo-chamber; outsiders are not allowed.  After all, we can't have non-scientists making wild statements like, "Hey...wait a minute...that doesn't really make much sense."  I mean, what non-scientist ever made a discovery or invented anything?  I mean, Benjamin Franklin was a PhD physicist, right?  No?  Oh, my bad.  Then maybe Edison?  He HAD to have some kind of scientist degree thingy from a major science-thingy university, right?  No?  Ooops.  

Environmental "Science" and "Climate Change" are first among the agenda-and-money-driven pseudo-sciences.  The clues are the unwillingness to debate, the unwillingness to release all raw data, computer code and any other basic information, the vilification of those who challenge the "science" ("climate deniers").  That's not science.  Interest groups like The Union of Concerned Scientists claim some sort of piety in science and technology; only they can save us from the evils of fossil fuels and nuclear power.

True science is honest and transparent.  Modern Science is corrupted by the money and power of government.  The bigger and more powerful the government, the more corrupt.  Science is no different.

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