Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Second Obama Term - The Worst Thing?

I am rapidly becoming pessimistic about the November election.  The Chosen One's numbers are still good, in spite of an ugly economy, terrible foreign policy, broken promises and tyranny on the horizon.  I don't know what the people of this country are thinking.  Four years of Obama has been far worse than I believed it could be.  Obamacare, executive orders, the loss of both Afghanistan and Iraq (yes, we are losing both), the destructive energy policies and the Mainstream Press propaganda machine have brought the Republic to the brink.  How is it possible that Obama still leads every poll?  So, I have shifted my thinking to how bad another Obama term can be.

I assume that if Obama is re-elected, Democrats will maintain control of the Senate and quite possibly take back the House.  I expect we will see either legislation or executive order to implement a carbon tax.  This will mean the end of the coal industry.  A VAT is also likely.  The Beast must be fed.  Obviously, Obamacare will continue and grow.  Once the insurance companies are driven out of business, a single-payer system will be implemented.  Expect Blue Cross/Blue shield to willingly become the National Health Service.  "The Blues" are heavily invested in Obamacare because they know they will be the last ones standing.

There was talk by many delegates coming out of the DNC about making abolishing profit in private business.  I predict they will try.  They may even succeed.  The administration will attempt draconian gun control by legislation or fiat.  The Supremes will go along because of the retirements of four of the nine justices (Scalia-76 years old, Kennedy-76, Ginsburg-79 and Breyer-74).  The entitled class will have grown to nearly 100 percent.

The economy will fall to third-world status (it's not a bug, it's a feature).  Will anyone wake up?  It doesn't look like it.  If the last four years is any indication, the United States of America will have become Greece in a mere 8 years.

Yeah, it's the worst thing.

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