Sunday, September 23, 2012

What of our Energy Future

The Beer:  A ten-gallon batch of Red Ale has been brewed and divided between a 5-gallon keg and bottles.

The Bicycle:  No riding, but I'm down about 10 lbs.

The VRWC:  The US economy runs on energy.  Lots of it.  98 quadrillion BTU.  37% is from petroleum (most of which is transportation), 25% natural gas (electricity and home heating), 21% coal (nearly all for electricity generation).  Nuclear and renewables account for the remainder.

But what of the future?  The Administration is squarely against coal (remember "bankrupt" and "necessarily skyrocket"?).  Petroleum and the evil oil companies have always been the Devil incarnate to the enviros and assorted Lefties.  Now natural gas is also under attack.  Not so much for its use, but for the extraaction method of "fracking".  Nuclear is now "acceptable" apparently.  Either that or they've run out of paid protesters.

83% of our energy supply is currently under attack.  83%.

The Left never offers viable alternatives.  They have this absurd notion that "renewables" (wood, ethanol and other biofuels, wind, hydroelectric)  can meet our energy needs.  Ethanol makes up about 75% of biofuels, or 1.4% of total energy consumption.    Let's just say we want 50% of the 28 quadrillion BTUs in transportation to come from ethanol.  Right now, about 30% of corn acreage goes to ethanol.  About 17% of the 8 quadrillion BTU from renewables is ethanol (1.4 quadrillion BTU).  To get to 14 quadrillion BTU, we need to increase production by a factor of 10.  You do the math.

The only conclusion I can draw from this is that the Left intends to make the United States "energy poor".  There can be no other conclusion.  I follows the line that the Left and the President believe that United States wealth and power is some sort of ill-gotten gain.  Restitution must be made and the method of restitution is to have the US "feel the pain" of those countries we have "raped".  It is a meme which has been used to indoctrinate the population for 50 years.

The Administration will have more flexibility in the second term.

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