Thursday, May 3, 2012

So Now It's About Jobs?

The Beer:  Ready for the party.

The Bicycle:  Looks like my shoulder is not permanently damaged and I could be on the road in another week or so (it will cut into my golf game, but I'll live).

The VRWC:  The Recall.  It was about Act 10, right?  Solidarity, workers "rights".  Voldemort Walker and all that.  No?  It's about jobs?  OK.  Let's talk about jobs.

  • Milwaukee is hemmoraging jobs.  Unemployment is up from 7.5% to 10.5% over the last 6 years.  The effects are most pronounced in the inner city.  Even far-lefty Eugene Kane recognizes it.
  • Milwaukee taxes continue to increase under Barrett.
  • Democrats in the State Legislature killed a mining bill that would have brought thousands of good paying UNION jobs to northern Wisconsin and, just as importantly, to employers based in Milwaukee like P&H and CAT.  Barrett was silent as his party stopped that bill to poke a finger in Walker's eye.
Vote for Walker in the recall.  It is in your own interest to do so.  We've been "Wisconsin Fisted" for too long. The collusion between local governments and public employee unions and between school boards and the WEAC has gone on years and years and years.  The days of underpaid and overworked public employees and teachers is long past.  It is now the opposite.  Proof?  Have you been to the DMV?  Have you attended a school board meeting?  The prosecution rests.

Private-sector union readers, I have no quarrel with you.  I am providing you with a service you will not get from your leadership.  A return to Democrats  The continue to burden your employer with taxes and regulation, leaving them with no choice but to move or lay you off.

Just sayin'.

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