Friday, May 4, 2012

"Fairness Matters"

All the talk today is about the economy and I will suffice to say "it sucks" and will say no more about how lousy the economy is because it does no good to say Obama's economy is awful, so I'll stop talking about the economy and the dismal jobs report.  I do so only because it would be redundant with those who have already spoken about how crappy the jobs report is and how the labor participation rate is lower than any time in the last 30 years.

So, I'll talk about "Fairness".

On the way to work yesterday, I followed a small SUV through a construction zone.  On the back was a round sticker saying, "Fairness Matters".  As I considered the implication, I thought, "what constitutes 'fair'"?  The Left will tell you it is not "fair" that one has more than another.  That is a child's definition of "fair".  This is what the Left brings us; the child.  The child that must be cared for by those who are smarter, better, more caring, more loving and nurturing.  That child is you.  You are not smart enough to take care of yourself and the rest of the Big, Bad World is  not as good or caring or loving or nurturing as the Leftists.  They just want what is best for you.  Really.  Never mind that this concept has never worked ....ever .....anywhere ...the

The adult definition of "fair" is that everyone gets a shot at the brass ring.  Everyone is born with an opportunity if they choose to take it.  Whether you are born in a compound on Cape Cod or at 20th and Center in Milwaukee, you still get a shot.  Self-Determination.  It doesn't always work out, but you had a shot.  But government policies have changed everything.  You had a shot at education in the public schools.  The same public schools run by a government that abandons the most vulnerable while claiming to care about them.  You had a shot at furthering your education beyond the public schools, but government subsidies and policies have made it too expensive to go without sacrificing your economic future.  You had a shot at a job to earn a living and become economically mobile, whether it was a good paying factory job or one as an engineer, technician, teacher, plumber or small business.  But government policies have all but destroyed that opportunity.

Do you really expect "fairness" out of government?

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