Wednesday, May 2, 2012

On The Cusp

On this day, May 2, 2012, the last best hope for mankind, the great experiment in self-determination, in Liberty is on the cusp of disappearing in all but name.  That which we hold dear has been under attack for 50 years and until a few years ago, most of us never knew it.  That which you have earned, that for which you traded the sweat of your brow, the calluses on your hands and the knowledge of your mind is nearly gone.  At RCP, polls show more approve of Obama's job performance than do not and very few approve of Congress.  Polls show Obama ahead of Romney, some by as much as 7 points.  Admittedly, it is early.

Here in Wisconsin, the recall is a statistical dead heat.  Scott Walker, the adult in the room, is head to head with the "Wisconsin Fisters".  I do not expect that poll to change at all.  It will be all about turn-out.

The Left is going after the brass ring.  They believe they have the ability to extinguish Capitalism from the globe (which they have nearly done, anyway) and make the world more "fair".  And when they say "fair", they mean less for you and more for them.

"Lazy?  Here's a handout...go #Occupy"
"Successful?  Shut your taxes"
"Yell loudly and disrupt, we'll pay you off"
"Give money to my campaign and there are special favors for your business, whether Wall Street Banks or 'Green Energy'"

The orchestration of this mass chaos comes directly from the #Occupier in Chief.  I do not believe we will be saved by the vote.  I know we will not be saved by a military coup.  I do not believe Congress has the intestinal fortitude to impeach a President who continues to ignore court orders, who defies Congress and the Constitution at every turn and promotes the violence in the streets we have seen from the #Occupy movement.

The regulatory rulers are systematically destroying business and industry, depriving us of the cheap, abundant energy that is the legacy of our fathers.  They deprive us of the once burgeoning manufacturing jobs that filled this great nation.  They take away the God-given Right to be secure in our property.

I suppose this is a call to arms, of sorts.  If we win, we are only beginning; the Left is relentless.  If we lose, we are undone and defeated.  We will not rise from these ashes in my lifetime.


SheboyganSpirit said...

Excellent write up. Cannot understand why the people and/or our Congress haven't done something long ago myself.

Deekaman said...

There are two choices. Either Congress fears something or they just are unwilling. Either is inconsistent with governing a Free Republic.