Friday, May 4, 2012

The Great Cultural War

I posted this to Kim at her Facebook page (slightly edited):

Yes, we would be fools, but the blind hatred from the Left is something I haven't seen before. Even against Bush. When Walker was Milwaukee County Executive, the Lefties in the City of Milwaukee hated him, but not like this. We know that this is about raw power and the public sector unions have convinced their rank-and-file that Walker intends to do them financial harm. I have a man who was my very first friend as a child who is a county employee. I found this out when we reconnected on Facebook. Last I had seen him, he was an engineer at a private firm. It is all I can do to make civil arguments. They will not listen to logic or facts. They truly believe that we who campaign for Walker are being paid by the Koch Brothers....literally. They believe that "corporate money" from out of state is evil, but union money from out of state is good. I will add this last thing. If we win, it is just the beginning of the end of the Great Cultural War. There will still be many battles to fight. But if we lose, it is the end. No politician in a lifetime will again challenge union power.

It is true.

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