Friday, October 22, 2010


From The Guardian:

But maybe he changed, too. Because what sort of non-conservative – one perceives Williams to be some degree of liberal; he'd probably protest that he's just a reporter; in either case, he's not a conservative – agreed to be an in-house flunky at Fox? I'm sure they offered him nice money, and money is money, and I can't say with certainty that I'd have turned it down if Rupert had waved it under my nose.

Isn't that the same as "House N-----"?

This should be a wake-up for Juan. You are only a good little African-American if you stay on the "Plantation" where the leftist power structure wants you. Once you leave that plantation, they will destroy you.

I like Williams. he is honest, earnest and makes good (wrong, but good) arguments. He's not shrill about it and respects those with whom he disagrees.

Juan: Here's an open invite. When you come to the Greater Milwaukee Metro area, look me up. Come to the house. We will have dinner and a couple beers and continue your journey to the Dark Side.

Juan....come to the Dark Side. We have cookies.


Dad29 said...

You never offer ME cookies!

Deekaman said...

Prior Dark Side transfers are not included. Sorry.

But I do have beer.