Monday, October 11, 2010

401k Seizure?

The Beer: Irish Red - Bottled. Liberty - In the secondary and to be kegged about Wednesday or so. Winter Ale - In the secondary; give it a week or so to bottling.

The Bicycle: Three weeks off the bike made me unprepared for 50 yesterday. Thanks to Glenn for the "magic beans" and to Glenn, Jeff and Yaakov just for putting up with me.

The VRWC: H/T Dad29. No, it's not what happens to you when you open your 401k statement.

Back a few months ago, I talked about the SEIU's wish to have the government confiscate your 401k to help fund their pension program. It's back. And in Lame Duck Session, I believe this Congress will have no qualms about making it real. Keep a close eye on this one.


sofa said...

The nation is saying "Stop. Thief!".

Surely they are not so stupid as to steal during the lame duck seesion, while the spotlight is on them and the intended victims are full of venom?

"Stop. Thief!"
Bang. Bang.

Deekaman said...

This is a Congress and Administration that had no qualms about passing Obamacare while we were on the steps of the Capitol, full of venom screaming, "Stop, thief". Now, they don't even have to worry about re-election.