Saturday, October 16, 2010

I posted this comment to a JS Online editorial today.

Once again, lefties...completely miss the mark. We don't want "Republicans". We want "Conservatives" and there is a huge difference. Constitutional Strict Constructionists. That is, the Constitution means what it says. If it didn't, there would be no need for the amendment process. Smaller government on all levels (the Left wants to portray that as "no government, but that's just a lie). Lower taxes (again, the Left claims we want "no taxes"...another lie). We want everyone to pay a fair share, not just the 51% who currently pay all the Federal Income Tax.

The hypocrisy runs both ways. A Democrat party that claims to be for "working families" routinely works against them with higher taxes, more regulation and "crony capitalism" (oh, look...that would make for another lie by the Left). The "Progressives" have systematically destroyed the social, moral, economic and Constitutional underpinnings of the United States for nearly 100 years. To believe otherwise is just denial. The majority is tired of it and the name-calling and bullying that has gone with it. If we do this right, we send Progressivism into the wilderness for the forseeable future. If we don't, shame on us.

Did I miss anything?


Dad29 said...


You missed the part where Lincoln's party became Democrats.

And you missed the part where the Southern Democrats became non-racists.

(See remarks following your post.)

Deekaman said...

No, actually I went back this morning and hammered the guy some more. I wonder why the GOP is still called "The Party of Lincoln" then. But it was the usual stuff - quoting the Bible out of context, then not wanting to discuss the actual context, revising history (Repubs become Dems, etc.) followed by STFU. Pretty much sums their arguments.