Friday, September 10, 2010

"Working Families"

I just caught the Jeff-Plale-Badger-Care-Working-Families-Do-It-For-The-Children commercial. Really set me off. The inference, not just here, but by all these Democrat candidates is that "working families" only encompasses those who are "in need". If you "have", you aren't a member of this "working families" category.

Jeff and the rest of the Democrats can bite me. I work for a living. I'm a working family. Rich people work for a living. Nearly all of them got there because they worked hard, took risks and were rewarded. They didn't win some kind of lottery, they didn't marry the widow of the Heinz food guy (oh...was I talking about a Democrat?).

I am as tired as I can be of Democrat and Leftist class warfare. I'm not putting up with it anymore and I'm calling them on it. I'm not putting up with the President referring to the GZ Mosque telling us we are all one people and should not be pitting one against another and in the next breath talking about "tax breaks for the rich" like the rich are screwing everyone else. The only ones screwing you are the Leftists and Progressives. If you don't believe that you are on another planet. Why is business leaving Wisconsin? Progressive policies. Why are you taxed to the max in places like Milwaukee County? Progressive policies. Why is the US in such a non-competitive position with the rest of the world? Progressive policies. How do you fix all this? Get rid of Progressivism. It's killing the middle class.

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