Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm Awake!

Is it really this hard to figure out? Bob Schrum continues to think we are a bunch of Rubes. Tuesday didn't mean anything to him? The polls don't mean anything to him? The Town Hall meetings? The school board meetings? Anything? And it's not just Schrum. It's Krugman...and Baghdad Bob Gibbs....and even Krauthammer (Chuck..."The Buckley Rule"? You aren't serious)...and GOP "leaders".

The country has drifted far to the left since I was a child. It is the fault of both parties. It is the fault of us. The vast majority of this country still believes in Liberty, Self-reliance, Small Government, Local Control. But we've been asleep at the wheel for 50 years. We've been busy with kids and careers and mortgages and all those other things that come into life. We let people without our values become powerful. We allowed them to collude with Wall Street and the Unions and the automakers and the mortagage brokers and the banks and who-knows-who-else. We allowed them to encroach slowly upon our lives. The people elected in 2008 thought they had license to take the "Giant Leap Forward" to nanny-state European-style socialism. It was like hitting us with an ice cold bucket of water. We woke up. We aren't going back to sleep.

So, believe what you want. The Conservative Majority is here to send you packing. And if our candidates don't do what we have elected them to do, We will fire them, too.

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