Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rebecca Kleefisch for Lt. Governor

I was a little skeptical when I first met Rebecca Kleefisch. She came off more as a cheerleader-type than a serious candidate. Over the last year (roughly), she has really matured. I know I have only about 3 readers, but I strongly recommend Rebecca as the Conservative candidate for Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor. Oh...and I love this commercial.


Anonymous said...

So great to meet you today. Thank you for supporting Rebecca - she is for REAL!

Starman said...

I'm a little concerned...there is a reasonable chance that if (when) Scott Walker is elected governor he could get called to Washington if (when) there is a Republican administration. So there is also then a reasonable chance that Rebecca could become governor.

I like her conservative principles. However, I hesitate because of her lack of experience similar to the same basis I opposed TCO, HRC, and Sarah Palin. That being said, I don't like Davis (part of the old guard) so I'll probably vote for Becca anyway.

Just sayin'.

Deekaman said...

I have the same concerns. But she has a good support system, advisors who know their way around Madison and she's got Conservative cred.

I think I'm ok with this one.