Thursday, September 16, 2010

Margaret Carlson? Really?

The Beer: Getting pretty thin. I'm drinking Ephemere, which is quite good.

The Bicycle: Maywood on Saturday. Enough pledges that I can ride free AND get a cool t-shirt. Awesome.

The VRWC: So, Margaret Carlson doesn't think much of Christine O'Donnell's "competence". I wonder what she thought of Joe Biden's plagarism? What did she think of many members of the Obama Administration not paying their taxes?

I can assure Ms. Carlson that TEA Party candidates are no worse than the people we have to deal with now.

For Carl Paladino to be labeled a "wackadoo" by the New York Daily News would seem to me to be a badge of honor.

This is NOT the GOP of Ronaldus Magnusus. It is the GOP of the RINOs like the Bushes and McConnell.

So there.

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