Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away

The Beer: I brewed up a nice Irish Red Friday night. It's in the fermenter. As always, I'm expecting a good batch. The Cherry Wheat has gone over very well. I'm expecting good reviews on the Pale Ale as well. I had a pretty good giveaway last week. I brew because I enjoy the process, but I can't drink it all, so I give a good bit of it away or barter it (beer-for-deer).

The Bicycle: Short ride Friday and a 40-miler early yesterday before it rained. It rained something terrible here. We were napping when we heard the sirens. Off to the basement. A few minutes into the heavy rain, we heard something that sounded like water running....hard. Water had flooded out a window-well (those of you here in WI know what I'm talking about) and it was pouring in. Fortunately, it headed right for the floor drain, with little damage. The problem was "helicopters" know....those little seeds from the trees that twirl down. They had clogged the downspout and it blew off right at the window well and the water dumped right there from the roof. Helicopters just started falling Friday and I haven't been able to clean them up with the lousy weather. More today. Glad I got the ride, mowing and weeding in before noon yesterday. Cue the sump pump.

The VRWC: Hillary's out, Barak is in. Hillary claims to be in Barak's corner, but I guarantee that her minions are out to undermine his campaign. If he wins, she can't run until 2016. She'll be too old. Window's closing on her ambitions quickly. The only thing to save her now is the Reezko scandal. If the MSM will move it farther up than page 40 of section ZZZZ.

McCain in a landslide. I'm holding my nose and pulling the lever.

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Jeni said...

I'm holding my nose and pulling the lever.

Sigh. That does look like the only option now, doesn't it. That or not voting at all, which doesn't sit right with me, either. What a choice...