Sunday, June 29, 2008

DCOMM Said What?

The Beer: Will be my calorie intake for the next 24 hours. I'm having "a procedure", one that most over 50 should get, and it requires that I eat no solid food until after. No need to get more graphic than that, but let's just say I'm going to be on camera.

I tested the Red yesterday and it's pretty good. We'll see how it goes with a little age. I plan on starting a Belgian Wit today, after I help my neighbor cut up a tree that came down in yesterdays' storm.

The Bicycle: Has to wait for Tuesday. No sense in revving my metabolism if I can't eat.

The VRWC: I'm what you might call "an ethanol hater". I've always considered ethanol from corn as a fuel substitute to be a bad idea. Energy-wise, it's a wash at best and it uses an awful lot of water just to make a gallon of fuel (I think it's about 400 gallons). It takes food out of the system and starves third-world children. And it burns less effficiently than gasoline (fewer BTU per gallon).

Now I'm seeing this, courtesy of the Wisconsin Department of Commerce (DCOMM). It's a quick, easy read. Conclusion? Problems with ethanol will make MTBE look like a good idea.

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Jeni said...

OH no, not "THAT" procedure! Grief...hope it isn't too awful. I was just told it's time to get ready as I turn the big 50 next year...but I don't wanna!! :(

Good luck - here's to health!