Saturday, June 14, 2008

0430 is Too Early to Ride

The Beer: An Irish Red awaits bottling.

The Bicycle: Woke up Wednesday morning at about 4 am. As it started to brighten up around 430, I thought, " I can get a ride in today if I go now". Since we had plans with my brother and his wife, I wasn't going top get a ride in later anyway. Get out, get back, get showered and dressed and off to work. I did't count on the flood detours....or how I'd feel at work. But I'll probably do it again. We're almost to the solstice, so it's plenty light.

The VRWC: Tim Russert is gone. As big a pain in the @$$ as he could be to Republicans, he was often that way toward Democrats as well. No dancing on his grave. He was a good man.

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