Sunday, June 1, 2008

Murphy's Law

The Beer: The Pale Ale is now bottled and should be ready to drink in a couple weeks (I cheat and try it sooner....quality control and all that). On deck: Irish Red

The Bicycle: A beautiful day for a ride in the greater Milwaukee area. North and west, then over to the lake (where it's much cooler) and south to home. This makes the winter (but not the taxes) easier to bear.

The VRWC: When the coronation of Hillary appeared to be a done deal, Michigan and Florida did not really seem to be much of a big deal. Punish them for making a "choice" (catch the reference here - no one should be punished for a choice in Lefty-world), but it won't affect the outcome.

Yeah...not so much. The worst possible decision was made here. Seat all the delegates, but give them all 1/2 vote? In the usual Lefty effort to make everyone happy, no one is. This is more fun than I could have expected. Regardless of how the general election comes out, we have been treated to a display of Lefty-ism that is better than any TV comedy.

What's wrong with this picture: I saw a car yeasterday with two bumper stickers, one saying, "I Support Fiscally Responsible, Non-Invasive Government" and the other saying, "Healthcare for All". Seems to me those are mutually exclusive goals. Or maybe I'm just....not a Lefty?

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