Sunday, July 24, 2011

Nicholas Kristof Believes There Is Nothing To Cut

This is one of the most insipid pieces ever by the King of Insipidicity.

His example is the Reading is Fundamental program.  Really?  And it's only because of Republican Zealots?  The meme here is that the Democrats are the reasonable ones.  They've made concessions and the Republicans are "The Party of No".

Except it's not true.  Harry Ried is blocking any debate on Cut, Cap and Balance which is the ONLY plan out there.  The Democrats have failed to produce a budget for over 800 days.  Who are the real adults here?  Sounds like it's the GOP, but Kristof is such a partisan hack he can't bring himself to say so.  All he's got is some sob story about a reading program the Feds have no business in anyway.

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