Wednesday, July 13, 2011



No bias at all in the article.  "Fake Democrats" or "Protest Candidates"?  Guess that depends on which side of the fence you are, but none of them ever claimed to be Democrats.

But the real bias story here is in the heralding of the Democrats winning their own primary election.  Of course they won.  Anyone expect they wouldn't?  The protest candidates didn't spend a dime on campaigning, only what it cost to enter the race.

Here is the big story, though.  The protest candidates scored huge numbers.  Gladys Huber lost to Sandy Pasche, but still pulled about 35% of the vote.  Shelly Moore was lucky to defeat her Protest Candidate opponent (55%-45%).  This does not bode well for the Democrats, IMHO.

We will see for certain in about a month.

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Scott said...

The circular firing squad is forming up!