Friday, July 8, 2011

Free Citizen? Or Thrall? Which Do You Choose?

Some awesome stuff via Dad29.

I do not believe the government can accomplish any given task more efficiently than the private sector.  The awful record of our bankrupt State argues conclusively to the contrary.

I deny both the right and wisdom of government to “own” any industry.  Industry cannot succeed without the threat of failure, and the State never has to worry about going out of business.  Ownership is the prerogative of citizens, not the government they authorize to perform certain essential duties.

I reject the notion that a just government can exist in the absence of a strictly obeyed Constitution.  It is not an archaic document to be evaded when it interferes with the agenda of public officials.  A republic must be bound by laws that its elected representatives cannot easily change.

I deny the wisdom of the political class to achieve prosperity through economic control.  Their failure is massive and evident.  I challenge them to relinquish their control, and watch the creativity and judgment of free citizens surpass their own.

I do not believe the wealth of a free citizen belongs to the government, to re-distribute in accordance with the moral judgment of the elite. 

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