Monday, March 29, 2010

You Can't Even Protect Your Own Vote

The "We Are Watching" Campaign has been diligent in working very hard to protect everyone's vote here in Wisconsin. In this state, you cannot be asked to show identification at the polls, since it makes fraud much easier that way. Someone can walk into the poll or absentee/early vote using your name and when you walk in a find that you have "already voted", you are SOL.

Our friends at "We Are Watching" came up with a way around that little item. There is nothing to stop you from telling your clerk you want ID required for your vote.....until now. See, WAW came up with this nice little form to protect you and your vote. But the Doyle-stacked Government Accountability Board says "nyet". The day after this WAW program was announced, the GAB sent out a letter to county and municipal clerks saying, in effect, "nah...we really like voter fraud, so you can't accept the 'Protect Your Vote' form".

Nothing to see here folks...just move along.

I will post the letter when I get (another) copy. We are screwed.

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Starman said...

Hadn't heard of this yet, thanks for posting it. How about we start a phone campaign to our elected officials in Wisc.? And get the word out via the TEA party?

You know, I'll bet a show like Hannity or O'Reilly or Beck would run with this. You should right an email to their producers. Seriously.