Sunday, March 14, 2010

(Alleged) Global Warming Panel at DAD

I've already covered Lord Monkton at length.

(My) Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner discussed the historical context of the (alleged) AGW research and Cap & Tax. During the Q & A I asked about the Constitutionality of Cap & Tax and he claimed it was up to SCOTUS to determine that. Time was short, so I didn't go further. But shouldn't Members of Congress be able to cite something remotely resembling Constitutional Authority for legislation?

My state rep, Jim Ott talked about the abomination know as the "Green Jobs Bill" and other, equally crazy ideas from the Leftisits in Madistan. He also reminded us that it tended to be too cold to get anything to grow last summer. I recall that from my own garden. Tomatoes, especially were something like 4-6 weeks late.

Niger Innis and Paul Driesssen aslo spoke and reiterated much of what was covered. Driessen brought up the interesting tidbit that Gore recieved a "C" and a "D" in the only science courses he took in collee. Probably too busy with inventing that internet thingy and being the model for "Love Story" with Tipper. Innis also reminded the group that China and India have told the UN and the US to f--- off with regard to reducing carbon emissions.

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