Sunday, April 13, 2008

So.....what else?

I've shown my VRWC side and now you're probably wondering, "What about the Beer and Bicycles?" Funny you should mention that. Looks like the weather here is going to clear up and more importantly, warm up. Looking out the window, I see the street has dried, but it's still only 32 degrees (that's "F" & cold for my metric friends). I need about another 10 to even consider getting in the saddle. I've been out 4 times in two weeks for a total of about 100 miles. Last time out though, I ended up with a flat. Normally, I'd fix it on the side of the road, but it's been too chilly - "cooler near the lake". So I called in the "sag wagon" and fixed it yesterday. I'm now ready for the warmer weather. Normal ride is about 20-or-so miles during the week, with (much) longer rides on the weekends.

Beer. Tough to brew an ale when it's this cold. But the house isn't quite cold enough to brew a lager, either. And hops...if you can get them are pretty expensive these days. Grains ain't cheap, either, thanks to the wrong-headed energy policy that puts our food supply into our gas tanks (there's a little VRWC for ya). That notwithstanding, I've worked hard to make a cherry wheat happen. Yesterday, I added the cherries. Next week, I'll be clarifying it and the following week, I should be bottling. I'll let you know how it goes.

Hey....stop in and see my friend Phelony Jones. I'd link it, but I fear the anti-spam robots.

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intermodal said...

Yeah I need to get my bike down here from my inlaws' place. Needs new derailer cables and a little oil, but I'm about ready to get riding again.