Saturday, April 12, 2008

Glad to be Back

As anyone who has visited this spot in the last month knows, I've been on hiatus because some automatic anti-spam robot thought this was a spam blog.....or was it a conspiracy by the Church of the Environmental God? No matter. I'm back. Incidentally, I'm not smart enough to develop a spam blog.

I notice that inhabitants of the third-world are starving again. Hmmm.....gigantic corn surplus gone because of the ethanol debacle......other grains used in place of corn......more acreage planted in corn.....more corn used for ethanol.......blah, blah, blah......less surplus grain to feed the third world. Notice that the MSM never bothers to mention the billions of bushels of corn going to ethanol when they talk about this. Just the, "people are starving, feel bad for them" template. Sounds like a "Stuff White People Like" thing. White People like feeling bad about starving people. Don't actually do anything about it. Just feel bad. Oh....and "Free Tibet". Do some protesting and stuff, but don't actually do anything.

There are days.......

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The Mama said...

And wear t-shirts with catchy little sayings on them so you'll feel better.