Saturday, April 3, 2010

Those Lobbyists Sure Are Excluded!

The Beer: Pike Tandem Ale Clone. It fermented so hard it blew out the airlock. The Saison is ready to keg (yes, I said "keg". Got the CO2 tank and had it filled yesterday).

The Bicycle: I've been out a couple times already. If the rain holds off, I'll go today, otherwise tomorrow.

The VRWC: You may recall the President's promise to exclude lobbyists from his administration. I think what he meant was that he would leave out lobbyists from the the organizations he doesn't like. According to the Washington Examiner, The Chosen One now has 50 former lobbyists on the payroll.

Now, in fairness to The Chosen One, of course he and every other President have the right to appoint largely whoever they want. I'd argue these are people who have the policy experience necessary to hold these positions. The issue here is not even who he appointed. It's the promise of "Hope" and "Change".

Instead? SSDD.

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