Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thank You Mr. President

The Beer: The Saison is delicious, an ale clone awaits bottling and I brewed up a blonde last night ("Snotty beamed me twice last was wonderful").

The Bicycle: It's gotten rather chilly here by the shores of Git-chee-goo-mee. Good opportunity to rest the knee and pick it up tomorrow.

The VRWC: The Chosen One insists we should thank him for "cutting the taxes of 95% of Americans" or some such garbage. IDB is more than happy to blow that claim out of the water. This claim of a "cut for 95%" (which, by the way was claimed by counter-protesters at the Madison TEA Party) doesn't hold water unless TCO cut sales taxes or utility fees (also taxes) or some such thing that everyone pays......he didn't. Politics has become the "art of the lie". Both sides do it. There really needs some cold, hard truth in government....and really soon.

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