Sunday, October 11, 2009

Teabaggers Remaking the GOP?

This article really misses the bigger picture. Yes, we "Teabaggers" are trying to remake the GOP. But the fact is, this is about runaway government and runaway government spending. We aren't partisan and I have run into many who professed to be Democrats at TEA Parties.

In my lifetime, I've seen the federal budget swell from millions of dollars to TRILLIONS of dollars. No matter how much the feds take in, they spend it all and then some. Some will argue that there is too much military spending. I argue that military spending is a legitimate Constitutional responsibility of the federal government. Further, the DOD spending is (and has been for many years) outpaced by HHS (Health and Human Services) payments. Transfer payments (that is, payments to individuals) has been the single greatest expenditure for nearly twenty years now.

Now we see a federal government so out-of-control that they believe taking over 1/6th of the economy will solve the low-low price of $1 trillion. And it will be illegal to not play. A government that believes it should "lift the burdens from the shoulders of ordinary Americans" - paraphrasing Kathleen Sebilius. With one voice we are saying, "WE CAN'T AFFORD IT!"

"Cap and Trade" taxes do almost nothing to counter a problem which appears more dubious by the day. The federal government now owns two automakers while saying, "we don't want to run car companies".

The President is getting On-The-Job Training and fiddling with his "Nobel Appeasement Prize" while the country (and the rest of the world) burns. Iran and North Korea openly pursue nuclear weapons, we are on the brink of defeat in Afghanistan ("the right war") and the President continues to apologize for the United States while siding with thugs and dictators, rather than human rights and the rule of law.

The world is upside down and too many are not paying attention.

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