Sunday, October 25, 2009

Joe vs. The FOX

Joe Klein on FOX and the White House. Joe apparently has difficulty distinguishing between hard news and opinion.

I'm also wondering if he'd be willing to put forth an example of "hateful crap" and compare and contrast what was said about Bush in the MSM and places like HufPo.

"...(B)orders on sedition"? FOX pushes stuff that rises to "an illegal action inciting resistance to lawful authority and tending to cause the disruption or overthrow of the government". Seriously, Joe.

Joe makes this claim: "The Administration has tried to pursue a sophisticated, difficult domestic and foreign policy". Really? Looks more to me like a heavy handed, "I won" domestic agenda with little transparency or bipartisanship and a foreign policy that sucks up to thugs and tyrants while eschewing liberty and the rule of law.

So Joe....there's a reason people are no longer reading mainstream print media like Time and are watching FOX or reading WSJ. It's commentary like yours.

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Starman said...

"...Fox News spreads seditious lies to its demographic sliver of an audience..."

Please. First of all, he ignores the fact that FOX is simply stomping all the other cable outlets with regard to total viewership. But with regard to the demographics, almost 50% of FOX's audience is comprised on Independents and Democrats - a far better balance than any of the other lamestream media channels.

He didn't do the work to pull any statistics whatsoever to support his claim, yet Time runs with it. And this is just one aspect of an article that is poorly written and unsubstantiated on the whole.

Go away, Joe. We're not listening.