Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And Suddenly.....MAGIC!

This seems to be the new Leftist mantra.

Increased CO2 in the atmosphere results in acidified oceans? Not likely. Only about 3% of atmospheric CO2 is anthropogenic. If I recall my chemistry correctly, the acid formed by dissolving CO2 in water is weak. And a 3% increase in atmospheric CO2 would hardly be enough to make a significant difference in the acidity of the oceans.

Ocean acidification or diseases that thrive in acidified, oxygen-depleted seawater could be responsible for oysters not reproducing in Washington state , said Brad Warren , who oversees the ocean health and acidification program of the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership in Seattle . A federal study found that two-thirds of larval blue crabs died when exposed to acidity levels like those currently measured off the West Coast , he said.

I don't know who this Brad Warren is, but I question his credibility and credentials. A Google search turns up what we already know. BTW, Mr., not Dr. Further, the federal research he points to could not be located. Maybe I don't have enough information to find it.....

Now, there are problems in the oceans. There are documented dead zones and other ecological challenges that must be addressed. To use those as ammunition in the (alleged) AGW war is disingenous.


Dad29 said...

This is the old "Acid Rain" BS.

In Wisconsin, the "acid rain" turned out to be runoff from rainstorms which picked up acidic residue from PINE TREES in the forests near the affected lakes.

Recycled BS...

Phelony Jones said...

I think my aura might have a carbon footprint.