Saturday, October 25, 2008

Politics of Personal Destruction

The Beer: The Winter Ale is in the Primary and ready to transfer. The Liberty Ale is in the Primary and just starting to ferment. I'm guessing the corn sugars break down a little more slowly. I expect to bottle next weekend.

The Bicycle: I'm apparently not real good at changing tubes, but at the rate I'm getting "pinch flats", I'm going to get real good, real soon.

The VRWC: I was going to blame Bush for this, but I see the MSM has gone over to blaming Sarah Palin for everything now.

I see a pattern here. The Left so fears anyone who shows strong leadership or leadership potential on the Right that personal destruction becomes necessary as a survival tool. It's clearly an orchestrated effort between the Democrat party, the MSM, Hollywood elite and the intellectual elite.

Before 9/11, President Bush was labeled as "stupid" by the Left. Despite wide acclaim by both sides during his governorship in Texas, he was a dolt, by elitist Washington standards. He talked slow and he talked "funny". But he was thought to be generally harmless and could be marginalized easily. Rove and Cheney were the brains of the outfit. Post 9/11, he showed significant leadership skills and his popularity started to climb. Almost immediately, the Leftists began their campaign of personal destruction. Stories of his "immobilization" in front of a class of schoolchildren in Florida emerged. The runup to the Iraq war brought more criticism, the evidence be damned. 12 years of talking apparently wasn't enough. Iraq was invaded and Saddam removed. It was an exceptionally rapid victory and Mission Accomplished. And it was. But the MSM made sure to make fun of the photo op on the carrier and the Left began to bang the Post Vietnam anti-war drum. (as an aside, I notice every military conflict involving a Republican President is "another Vietnam". Can anyone tell me how long we've had troops in Bosnia and how much longer they will be there?) The vilification intensified and the Presidents' approval ratings fell. The President never fought back and that was his undoing. The destruction is now complete.

Now, the Left fears Sarah Palin. Once again, a candidate from outside Washington who talks funny. But she shows leadership potential and may challenge Obama in '12 or Hillary in '16. She must be destroyed. Read the stories in the MSM. It's already started.

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