Thursday, July 17, 2008


The Beer: The Belgian is finally in the secondary. I'll give it a day or two, transfer it again and bottle Sunday or so.

The Bicycle: I know there are those out there who believe all the guys on the TdF are doping. And maybe they are. Certainly Ricardo Ricco is and I won't make any excuse. But the way he won the stage on Sunday was magnificent. It's about the Tour. It's about the human drama. In the same way baseball is "about the game". They are both something that I love for what they are, not for who is doing it. I'm just as happy to watch the local little league as I am to watch the Brewers. I'm much happier riding than I am watching the Tour. If you know what I mean, you know what I mean. If you don't you don't.

The VRWC: Nancy Pelosi said what? Nancy Pelosi may be the most hate-filled person on the planet. Now I don't agree with the President all the time, but remarks like that have no place in US politics, especially toward the President. The only failure in energy policy is failure to stand up to the Democrats and say, "ENOUGH!" Name an energy technology that actually works and Big Environmental has used their political clout to stop it. Big Environmental is squarely in the camp of the Leftists who own the Democrat Party. Add Big Legal and Big Union and American competitiveness is gone. Sure. Blame the President. History will say differently.

If the President is guilty of anything, it is the willingness to be beaten like a pinata at a birthday party. He's too nice. In a generation, he'll be seen as a hero for the success in Iraq and Afghanistan. The failure of the economy will go to Congress' unwillingness to curb spending and the American publics' greed. And that means everyone. We gotta have, have, have. Stuff, stuff, stuff. We made a house of cards and now it's falling and we expect the President to bail us out. Suck it up. Man up and deal with the bed we made.

So shut up, whiners. Ya sound like Brett Favre.

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