Monday, July 28, 2008

Life is Cheap

The Beer: As promised, the Belgian has been bottled and I gave away the first 3 bottles yesterday.

The Bicycle: 90 miles Friday through Sunday, including 2 rides with my lovely bride. Over 2000 miles total on the Madone. In just over a year.

The VRWC: The headlines tell us that a young man strangled his childhood sweetheart after watching "Natural Born Killers" and a 24 year old killed his parents with a hoe and buried them in the back yard. A woman may or may not have killed her own daughter.

How did life get so cheap? At what point did we, as a society decide life was unimportant? We choose to eliminate "pre-life" for our own convenience. We fail to properly punish those who take life. Soon, we will decide that those who no longer provide value to society (the old, the infirm) no longer deserve to live.

I fear for future generations. We are already on the "slippery slope". Evil will triumph because good people stand by and choose to do nothing. Shame on us.

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