Saturday, May 17, 2008


The Beer: A hearty dark beer with a mild hoppiness, similar to a stout. I made it last fall with some leftover ingredients from other batches. I just drank the last one.

The Bicycle: The Madone sits patiently in the garage as I planted the garden today. Peppers, mesclun, squash (zucchini and butternut), pole beans, snap peas, herbs (all legal) and eggplant. If the weather holds, I'll ride long tomorrow.

The VRWC: The President indicated while speaking in front of the Israeli Knesset (or didn't) that Senator Obama is an appeaser. The Left has gone nuts over this. But the facts are the facts. He voted over and over again to not confront Saddam, he has voted to get out and failed to show any indication he is willing to confront evil in the world (If you are looking for proof of evil, look to Myanmar). If he wasn't an appeaser, he would have stood up for the President against the remarks of Hugo Chavez at the UN. But in fact, he is an appeaser. I don't know what else you call it. And for Senator Obama, with zero foreign policy experience to question McCain's cred (and I'm not exactly a McCain fan, either) is the height of hypocrisy.

Nancy Pelosi is going to Iraq. Isn't that special. I'm pretty sure she plans to spin this against the President and against the war.

That's all, folks!

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DaveA said...

Dark beer good. Stout/porter Mmmmm