Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas

The Beer:  I have a six-pack of Stella and four remaining from a six of Anchor Steam.

The Bicycle:  I have ridden little.  My weight is up, I am weight lifting, swimming at the gym and eating far too much.  Don't care.

The VWRC:  I've just been lectured by a 20-something on White Privilege.  He is welcome to have whatever opinion of me that he wishes.  I really don't care - he's a college kid.  I DO care when he calls his mother "ignorant because she is not enlightened enough to understand "white privilege".

Here is the thing, though.  One cannot say that we can't lump everyone together, then lump all White People together as having White Privilege.  "You don't even know you have it".

Goddam college.

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