Sunday, November 18, 2012

Insurance Exchanges

Republican governors are refusing to set up insurance exchanges under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).  I am happy to see them standing up, but I think there may be some unintended and dire consequences.  By not setting the exchanges up at the state level, the Feds will set up Federal exchanges.  This changes little for the consumer.  Still stuck with Obamacare, still stuck in a necessarily high-cost, low-service environment.  This is not a bug in Obamacare, it is a feature.

The Grail of the Left is Socialized Healthcare.  Never mind that it doesn't work.  Because Our socialists are better than their socialists, we can't possibly lose, right?  But I digress.  Setting up Federal exchanges only moves the system closer to single-payer.  Indirectly, the governors may be speeding up the inevitable.

The only solution to Obamacare is nullification at the state level.  The states must invoke their 10th Amendment rights here.  Nullify Obamacare and reassert their supremacy.

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