Saturday, October 22, 2011

Oh....THAT "Rule 5"

So, I've been following Woodsterman for a while and he often posts a "Rule 5".  I like, but what do I know from Rule 5?  So today, I make my usual stop at Legal Insurrection and end up at Reaganite Republican.  What do I find there, but a link to McCain regarding "Rule 5" and ta-daaaaaa!

Expect to see some "Rule 5" blogging here.  Especially when my mind is otherwise blank.

Hey, Odie, Dr. Jacobson, RR and a brother some love.

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A Woman Who Works Hard and Doesn't Whine said...

5d - Feminism sucks. No truer words have been spoken. Quit whining about a glass ceiling, and get to work. If you'd rather raise a family, that's fine by me. But don't blame men for your choices.