Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Do Not Underestimate Them

It has been predicted any number of times that the Left will become more desperate and take stronger action the more they see power slipping away. The facts (at least as I see them):

  • The Obama Presidency is a disaster and has done more to harm the cause of Socialism-Progressivism than anyone thought possible.
  • The strength of the Union movement is falling faster than anyone expected it could.  With the loss of blue-collar manufacturing jobs, unions turned to the service sector, then teachers and government workers.  Now those, too are in danger of falling apart.
  • The TEA Party rose from the disaffected Conservatives who work and live their daily lives, pay their bills and watch as those who are "connected" and those who choose to not work scam the system and rip off the taxpayer.  The irresponsible and even the nefarious are bailed out while the rest of us get to "suck it".  The corruption in government and the collusion between the government and favored industries has made the electorate decidedly unhappy.
  • Social Programs have proven to be a bust.  Unsustainable and bankrupt.  The taxpayer is unwilling to continue to foot the bill.
  • Regulatory agencies, accountable to no one have far exceeded their authority and the public knows it.  They are in a particularly foul mood over agencies like EPA.
The Left is in full retreat and began their last stand in Madison, Wisconsin in February of 2011.  The full force of those on the Left who feel entitled to take was on display on Capitol Square.  Their mission was to intimidate a duly elected state government into doing something other than that for which they were elected.  They failed.

They tried to prevent the re-election of a good and honest man.  They threw all their resources toward the Wisconsin Supreme Court election and behind a candidate wholly unqualified for the job.  Why?  They thought she would overturn the legal legislation signed by Gov. Walker.  They went to a county judge for an injunction on that same legislation.  One with ties to the Unions.  They got their injunction, but ultimately failed.

The Left then took to the "recall" election.  They took two seats back in the Wisconsin Senate, but overall, they failed again.  The two seats the Left was able to reclaim had little to do with the Budget Repair Bill.

They talk a good "Recall Walker" game, but it is unlikely they will get any traction.

The paid protesters of the Left have disrupted schools,  the Wisconsin State Fair and various events to attempt to smear the Governor.  They have been disrespectful to and have literally soiled the Wisconsin State Capitol.

All this has been to no avail.  The country continues to see the failure of the Progressives and their programs.

Now the Left believes they can attack the rich.  "Tax them more". "Patriotic Millionaires."  "Evil Corporations."  "Wall Street Robber Barons."  They have occupied Wall Street and threaten to disrupt our lives to an extent we have not see.  All orchestrated.  

The "Day of Rage" seems to have been organized via social networking and had little in the way of support.  I recall the news reports indicating a "few hundred" in New York and "a few dozen" at locations elsewhere.  Now the Unions and professional organizers and assorted Leftists have become involved.  Remember that these are now people who have a certain amount of power and are willing to use it.  They will resort to any type of behavior that furthers their aims.  The original protesters may be nothing more than "useful idiots".

I believe this is their last stand and ours as well.  This will be remembered as the point that the adults asserted themselves to restore sanity to the country or where we allowed the children to take over.  This may die off when the weather gets crappy.  But it may not.  The closer the 2012 election gets, the more you will see and the more violent it will become.  Any Conservative politician or candidate will be a target.  anyone who has "more" and is not on "their" side will be a target.

Count on it.


Dad29 said...


I'm of mixed mind on the 'escalation' theory. While the case is believable, I don't know that the Left has the willpower--or the willing manpower--to pull off 'more', either in terms of the number of demonstrations, nor in terms of violence.

At least, that's what I'd like to believe.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

I definitely agree, they cannot be underestimated. Mostly because we don't actually know who the driving forces or what their endgame, but it's clear that it's going to become very dangerous to be normal.

Just a conservative girl said...

They may have the will, but do they have the manpower?

That is the question, ultimaley.

It will be interesting year between now and election year. That is for sure.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

It won't take much. Now that we know Bill Ayers is not only involved but in some kind of leadership position (and we know his ties to Obama) . . . well, let's just say this is not looking good given Ayers' history and the approval of the WH.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

The Bubbas are watching.

Scott said...

We must stay on our toes to be sure. Despotism and martial law could be creeping up on us. I am just waiting for a slow period when the weather turns and the gloss comes off the pumpkin as it were...Then I feel that the Tea Party must begin to rise again in force.