Friday, August 26, 2011

Thugs Vandalize, Protest at Messmer....

Milwaukee Urinal-S#!thole is silent (I'm not even going to link to that fishwrap)

Union thugs protested Scott Walker at Messmer High School today.  Thugs also vandalized the school last night.  Same thugs?  Would it surprise you if it was?

Larry Miller of the MPS board of Directors should be ashamed. He's a thug just like all of those who protested. They would rather sentence inner-city children to the failure and violence of the Milwaukee Public Schools and the cycle of poverty it inflicts upon them. Shame on these thugs, shame on the union protestors, shame on the Milwaukee media for covering this up and last, but certainly not least, SHAME on any teacher who fails to condemn or worse, participates in this 
kind of thuggery.

Update:  Now the Urinal has something, but it really doesn't convey what happened like the video does.

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