Sunday, August 28, 2011

On Thugs, Liars and Cowards

I was accosted by someone the other day who told me he had no intention of performing his job.  Since it was just the two of us, I invited him to restate his intentions in front of his boss.  His words?  "I have no idea what you are talking about."  That made him a liar and a coward and I told him to his face.

What makes a liar and coward?  I do not necessarily believe those who flee danger are cowardly.  They are certainly not heroes,  but I don't know that I would label them as cowards.  What about a liar?  Does everyone who misrepresents get that label?  I say,"no".  A liar and coward is someone who is unwilling to live up  to their mistakes and the natural consequences thereof.

The thugs who vandalized and protested at Messmer this past week and who continue to stalk Governor Walker  are such people.  Watching the video, it is clear that these are people who are unwilling or unable to accept the results of the election.  They are unable to accept that they are the problem.  They are willing to lie about anyone who opposes them and engage in the thuggery you see.  They are brave in large numbers, yet act cowardly when confronted alone.

In fact, Leftists in general are cowards.  They are unwilling to make hard choices.  They are unwilling to part with their own money, but more than happy to spread your wealth.  Want evidence?  Walk up to  your Leftist neighbor and let them know they have more money, newer cars and a nicer house.  They should give you enough of their money to make you equal and hand over one of the cars while they're at it.  They will look at you like you are from another planet.

Their cowardice is also evident in their dealing with war.  When the President was George W. Bush, Iraq and A-stan were "wars for oil", "illegal wars", "wars of an imperialistic President".  The prison at GITMO and rendition were "illegal" and waterboarding was "torture".  Under Obama, the anti-war movement is strangely silent as we add an (truly) illegal war and at least two more "wars" in Yemen and Pakistan.  Were they cowards and liars then?  Or now?

To be a Leftist is to be a liar and coward.  I am more than happy to say it face to face.

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