Friday, June 3, 2011

The Plan? Run Against Bush

It is clear that the abject failure of this President in all things foreign and domestic will be front and center in the 2012 election.  What is also clear is the counter-point.  Run against Bush.  I'm seeing it in comments, hearing it from Lefty talkers and in print.  It goes like this:  "If Bush and Co. hadn't gotten us into this mess, why,everything would be right as rain".  Schrum, of course is nothing short of Obama-worshipping shill for the far, far, far Left.  But it seems to be a mental illness of many who supported The Chosen One in the first place.  They seem to be more than happy to defend trillions in debt brought on by this President with no resulting economic improvement.    Their only argument is "it  would have been worse..."  They lay their hat on the death of Bin Laden.  Now their "Peace President" is a "Great Warrior".  The SEALs got Bin Laden because The Chosen One continued Bush-era policies that he was against before he supported.  Obama is considered a Great Statesman by some.  I am sure it is because he continues to throw allies under the bus (England, Honduras) while prostrating himself before our enemies (Venezuela, Iran).

The GOP Presidential nominee will need to hammer on the record.  Economy, Obamacare, the rule of law, a third war, czars, using federal agencies to punish political enemies, lack of respect for the office and other branches of government.  This is the only way the GOP can win.  Let the Democrats run against Bush.   Don't go  for the bait.  Hammer the record.

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