Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How I Really Feel

I posted this at Dad29 in response to a comment about "enhanced interrogation.  Once I started, I couldn't stop.

Ronald Reagan could not possibly have ruled on enhanced interrogation.  McCain's vision of it is tainted.  Further, since those techniques are still in use by The Chosen One and GITMO remains open and there is a deafening silence from the Left about those things and the (now 5) wars, I judge you all as hypocrites, only bent on destroying the country as it has been known for over 200 years.  It is you who will be swept into the dustbin of history as more and more see your childish behavior, hypocrisy and fearmongering.  It is you who do it, not us.  We have been asleep for too long and are now awakened.  It is you who wish to enslave the rest of us to your dystopian ideal of "equality of outcome".  It is you who hate, it is you who want the elite to rule and the rest to suffer.  It is you who invent the bogeymen of Halliburton and (because it is easier for you to spell), Koch.  I accuse you and your ilk of treason against the rest of us.  Your day of reckoning is much closer than you think.  We continue to win hearts and minds while your childish antics continue to enrage those who would otherwise believe your lies.  

I hate the Left because the Left has driven me to Hate.  And I don't need a pill or therapy or any of the other remedies the Left espouses.  I only need their disappearance from American life.  

What arrogance makes the American Left think they can make a Socialist utopia work when it has not worked wherever it has been tried?  Socialism is in its death throes all over the world, yet those who believe themselves to be "smarter" continue to follow the same path.  The very definition of "insanity".

I'm done ranting (for now).


Dad29 said...


That IS what you really thought!!

Deekaman said...

I should stop sugar-coating, eh?