Friday, May 27, 2011

More Whining

Laurel Walker whines about the "poor teachers".

I am as tired as I can be listening to the whining and self-adulation from teachers in Wisconsin.  Shut up.  Just shut up.  Sherry Power and Duane Stein are retiring after a zillion years of one of the most cushy jobs available.

For decades, Power's ingenious intergenerational program, "Forever Friends," matched second-graders with elders at an independent living center, St. John's on the Lake in Milwaukee. It continues now as a nonprofit agency that so far has established 30 similar programs across the country.

In what way is this "exceptional"?  In what way does this make her "one of the best"?  Are her second grade students more prepared for third grade?  Do they perform better than those  of other second grade teachers?

And what of Stein's students?

Duane Stein is the high school English teacher and hugely successful Academic Decathlon coach...

So what?  I ask the same questions again, and add this:  that he is the coach is immaterial.   Someone else taught these kids.

Teaching is a unique calling.
"It's about the love you have for children, and the hope you have for our future. If you love kids and you want to have an impact on how this world of ours is going to shake out, then teaching is the place to have it."

In my experience, this is complete and total bullshit.  When I was in college, those who went to the "School of Education" were generally unable to deal with the sciences, moved to business and couldn't handle that and finally went into education.  After college, I did some substitute teaching.  I found that the teachers generally had no clue about their science or math subjects.

Teachers chose  their profession for whatever reason, knowing how the system worked.  They knew it was cushy, they knew the pay and benefits.  They stayed in.

In the end, teachers just need to shut up.  No where else do you get more pay for a few extra hours of education.  Everyone has dedication.  Everyone works extra.  Just shut up about how wonderful you are as you systematically gang-rape the taxpayer and whine about it.  The self-adulation is sickening.  Shut up and do your job like the rest of us.

You lost.  THIS is what Democracy looks like.

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