Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Usual from MJS

Of course we are hooligans. But Leftists using the same tactics never will be. We shouldn't stop. Not now, not until this country returns to its roots.

Representatives should take a cue from Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wis.) who faced voters at North Division High School last week in a meeting that was heated at times but mostly orderly.

When you bus in your thug supporters, I doubt anyone is willing to speak in opposition. "Chilling Effect", anyone?

The House bill would extend coverage through Medicare for optional "advanced care planning" with a doctor every five years. Such discussions likely would include "advanced directives," or instructions that people can put in writing for what kind of care they want if they should become incapacitated.

Let's stipulate that the case is as stated above. Let's stipulate that this administration and this Congress will not require "advance care planning". What about the next? Or the next? Or the next? continue to place power in the hands of government and eventually it will be used for nefarious purposes. It has never failed.

But by no credible definition of the word can it be called socialistic - no more than Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security can be called socialistic.

Um...MJS? Hello? Medicare, Medicaid an Social Security are socialistic. By their very definition, they take from each according to their means to give to those according to their need.

Opponents point to efforts to use comparative effectiveness research as evidence people won't be able to get the care they need. But the idea of such research is simply to determine what works best and then give doctors and hospitals that information. The idea is to direct precious dollars to treatments that work and away from those that are not as effective.

I go back to the idea of power in the hands of government. Maybe they won't ration under this administration and Congress...or the next. But at some point, healthcare must be rationed. The bill does nothing to address any underlying causes of healthcare costs. Many see this as Free Healthcare. As a result, it will be overused and abused.

My last comment to the MJS editorial board: Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are going broke. Everyone agrees. What makes anyone think a Federal healthcare plan will be any different?

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