Saturday, August 29, 2009

Laughing At Lefties

Mikey Kinsley on Americans and "Change".

The reason Americans have turned against health-care reform, after electing President Obama in part for promising it, is simple: Despite protestations to the contrary, Americans don't like change.

Yes, yes....of course. We just don't like change. It's so simple. Ol' Mikey's a freakin' genius.

Whatever. While it may be true that Americans (like most humans) don't particularly care for change, that is clearly not what is at issue here. Greater than their dislike of change is their mistrust of government. And unlike Mikey's friends in Congress, many who oppose the House bill have actually read it.

There will always be a Betsy McCaughey sharpening her pencils and cackling as she underlines promising sub-clauses.

No. There will always be people who read, understand, then oppose. Unlike Mikey's cohorts on the Left, most of us on the Right prefer to base our opposition on policy and core beliefs, rather than opposition for oppositions' sake.

This is not "reform". Reform is tweaking a system to make it work better. This is a whjolesale hijacking of a large part of the US economy. No where are the root causes of expensive healthcare discussed, debated and addressed. The Leftist elitists think they know all the answers. I got news for them....nobody likes a know-it-all. And Americans really don't like the feeling that something is being jammed you-know-where.

I'd say Mikey isn't just a genius, but a Super-Genius. Kinda like Wile E. Coyote, Super-Genius.

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