Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Real Problems Are Not George Zimmerman

This is an extraordinary piece posted on Facebook by Pam Stevens.  The state-run media are afraid to talk about this stuff and the government derives its power from it.

Well I knew I would get questions from some on my friends list asking me why, why, why are you coming down on Democrats in the black community and black people. They ask me if I am really black. I am American STOP labeling me. We are the only race of people that are EXPECTED to act a certain way because of our skin color, no matter how we were raised or what our values are. THAT IS RACIST! DUH! No one is going to take away my freedom to think for myself. I was raised to see through people like Sharpton and Jackson and yes our President to. If they cared about black people they would be in these communities everyday telling these criminals to get out. If they cared about black people they would be supporting school choice because of the dismal graduation rate in the black communities. If they cared about blacks they would be telling Planned Parenthood to get OUT of the black communities and to stop killing our black babies. If they cared about blacks they would be telling the government to do something about the black unemployment rate instead of just handing out entitlements to keep blacks on the plantations. Don’t you see this is slavery? Democrats CONTROL the black communities and LOOK at the results. I love ALL of my friends and family, but I will not remain in bondage for you or anyone else. I left the plantation and more than anything I wish you would to. Think about our morals and how we were raised, then tell me how you could support a party that believes we are “different” than every other American out there. How could you support a party that believes we are not capable of making a school choice for our children and they know how to raise our babies better than we do? How can you support a party that believes in tearing down the sanctity of the American family? How can you support a party that thinks so little of us that they believe we are not capable of earning living without living off of the government? How can you support a party that supports an organization that was started to KILL ALL black babies, and that kills more blacks in one year than the KKK has done since the 40s? How can you support a party that sees what is going on in the black communities that they control with the crime and killings, and they do NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!! They are happy to see the destruction of the black family in the black communities and you ask me WHY? Well I ask you, How?

The following statement is from one of my FB friends Twinn, and I think he sums it up very well. 

BEFORE YOU JUMP DOWN A BLACK REPUBLICANS THROAT, question your Democrat party, asked them how come black males deaths gets no respect in the justice system?.......ask your Democrat Mayor, how come you're not doing anything to stop the tide of violence in our Black community?......... Ask Jesse or Sharpton, where were you when a 2, 3, 4 or 5 year old black child was gunned down.......ask the public schools, how come our black children aren't learning anything?.......have any of you BLACK DEMOCRATS on this site checked the latest black body count piling up this year?...........MY GUESS PROBABLY NOT! OUR VALUE IS DROPPING IN AMERICA AND GUESS WHY?........95% OF US GIVES OUR VOTE AWAY TO THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY, WITHOUT QUESTION, WITH A TRACK RECORD LIKE THAT. THE DEMOCRATS REALIZE NO MATTER WHAT WE DO, or SAY TO YOU DOESN'T MATTER, BECAUSE YOU WILL VOTE WITHOUT QUESTION. IN THE MEAN TIME BACK IN BLACK LAND the bodies are still piling up. RUN THAT BY ME AGAIN WHY YOU'RE JUMPING DOWN A BLACK REPUBLICAN'S THROAT!

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