Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Government Corruption Writ Large

As thinking people see the red flags associated with (alleged) Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW), while Germany moves away from "green energy" (another scam) and seeks to weaken onerous emissions regulations, The Chosen One has decided he will dictate further how we will live our lives.  By "Executive Order" (let's call it what it is: "dictat"), he has decided he administer the coup de grace to the US economy through new carbon emissions regulations.  It's not enough that Obamacare will throw millions out of their medical insurance - and possibly their jobs - and adversely affect the financials of small business and medical providers.  Now it is necessary to make energy more expensive and less available, effectively murdering those most vulnerable - the old, sick and poor, for without cheap, abundant energy, the basic needs of those people will go unmet.  They will be unable to use air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter.  Food will become far more expensive.  Jobs will become scarce as those who remain in business scramble to cut their other costs as the cost of electricity will "necessarily skyrocket".

So, here we are.  It has been a couple days since I started this post and I continue to try to get my arms around my thoughts.  The Chosen One has laid out his plan.  The choir has chimed in, thanks to the media.  "Expert Analysis" consists of one side of the equation.  The acolytes tell us that only those "anointed" as "Climate Scientists" are allowed to make any statement at all regarding (alleged) climate change...unless, of course they believe in (alleged) climate change.

The World Bank has just taken any ability to be lift from poverty, the world's most vulnerable.  The unwillingness to finance new coal-fired power, which can provide cheap energy to places like Eritria, Afghanistan, Central Africa and the like forces them back to dung fires for cooking and the short life spans that go with it.

The last 5 years have filled me with more foreboding, with a greater sense of impending doom than any time in my 57 years.

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