Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fox News and Leftists

The Beer:  It will be a time before I brew again.  Big changes may be coming.

The Bicycle:  Those same big changes may keep my cycling to a bare minimum.

The VRWC:  The Leftists have a very difficult time with Fox News.  It really doesn't matter what the news is, they feel a need to discredit Fox.  The "Faux News" meme and screams of FOX LIES! FOX LIES! FOX LIES! that ring out any time there is a political story critical of the Left have become neuroses.  The Leftists can't help themselves.  The claim that "Fox went to court to be able to lie" is demonstrably false.

Now, I am not a psychiatrist or anything of the sort (people become psychiatrists because they need one), so defining exactly what mental illness infects Leftists is something I am unable to do.  But I can give an example.  Everyone remembers the "cool kids lunch table" in junior high school.  Many wanted to be part of it and it did not matter what had to be done to get there.  They were the "smart", "cool" kids people wanted to hang with.  As many of us became older, we recognized them for what they were.  Self-centered, self-aggrandizing children who wanted "followers".   Sound familiar?  Today's Leftists are no different.  They make the claim of being smarter than everyone else with no evidence whatsoever.  Others buy into it because they want to be seen as "smart".  The Left is self-congratulatory, as evidenced by the plethora of "awards" presentations by the Left (especially the Hollywood "elite").   Anything that indicates the Left might not be as smart, all-knowing and all-seeing or otherwise all-wonderful must be countered because if one falls, they all fall.  This is why you no longer see "no blood for oil".  It is why Code Pink doesn't invade Obama press conferences.  Why excuses are made for continued Bush policies and failures to immediately end all war, fix the economy, close GITMO.  Here is where Fox comes in.  Fox doesn't cover up Obama's (or anyone else's) political failures.  They call the news like it is (not to be confused with their opinion shows).  It shows the Left in a negative light and they can't stand it.  Consider how you would feel if you knew you were only "smart" because you associate with the "smart" people.  When those "smart" people are shown to be not-so-smart, well....you see where I am going with this.  Can't counter the fact with fact, so just call it a lie.


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