Thursday, February 28, 2013


Republicans will cave, fearing the repercussions of taking blame for sequestration.

$85 billion in "cuts" (no other entity describes a reduction in the rate of increase a a cut) is nothing in a trillion dollar budget.  The fiscal armageddon described by the government is just another fear tactic.  Federal employees will not need to be furloughed, but they will be for political gain.  Sequestration would spell the end for the GOP and conservatism generally.  Why?  Because for decades, Republicans have described themselves as "conservative", but helped continue down the Big Government path.  Any time the Democrats blamed Republicans, the GOP failed to defend itself or they caved to the pressure.  Bottom line, no one believes Republicans anymore.  No one believes what the Party says.  $85 billion in cuts.  The end of government funded research, teachers and firefighters laid off.  Cats and Dogs...Living together....Mass Hysteria!

It's all bullshit.  It's a lie, yet the Republicans have again failed to defend their position to the public.

Tomorrow, the sun will rise and just as predictably, the GOP will have caved and government will continue its inexorable climb to control your life and your wallet.

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