Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Problem With Electability

The Beer:  It's time again for Bad Santa.  I brew tomorrow.

The Bicycle:  My friends are preparing for Race the Lake without me.  I wish them well and plan to return in the spring.

The VRWC:  H/T: Dad29 whose post caused my thought processes to again flow.

This is the problem with "electability". The candidate has to hide  what he really believes.  Let's make it a referendum on their ideology vs. ours. Liberty and self-determination vs. soft slavery. I'd go so far as to call out Republicans who have been part of the problem and state clearly that I am not them and this is what I believe. "Electability" is nothing more than disguising who you really are and what you really believe. If we want to return to true Liberty and self-determination through a Capitalistic Representative Republic in which the states and the people control the Federal Government, we have to frame the debate in that manner. We can easily anticipate the arguments from the Left (they are incredibly transparent in that regard) and parry them. If the electorate likes our ideas better, we win. If not, well there ya go. At least put true conservatism to the test.

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Dad29 said...

Only one small problem: nobody knows what Romney "really believes."

Including Romney; see, e.g., his "illegal immigration" statements.

It's VERY interesting that Ryan's favorability rating with senior citizens is WAY HIGH. They get it; they don't want to see their grandchildren in slavery--either to the Feds or the PRChinese.